Sunday, December 26, 2010


I just finished carving this Sinahi/Kalang for someone and the following are its dimensions: Five inches in length and about two inches thick at the middle. It's a heavy piece.

This is the same Sinahi/Kalang at a different angle.

Same Sinahi/Kalang with my spondylus inlay signature prominantly visible.

Saina Ma'ase


Monday, December 20, 2010

Haguet (Hook) Hima

Hook carved from the Tridacna Gigas (Giant Clam Shell) with designs. This hook will be flown to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Same Hook at a different angle


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ancient Chamorro Religion

Veneration is the word when it comes to Ancient Chamorro Religion. This might come as a surprise to many present time Chamorro's but Ancient Chamorro's were never associated with the Catholic Religion. They believed in Ancestral Veneration. "Veneration is looking on with great respect and reverence. The respect the ancient Chamorros had for older people naturally led them to respect their ancestors. The spirit or soul was believed to be immortal. Death did not end a family member's concern for the welfare of the whole group. Death did not end the love and honor felt toward the ancestor. Ancestor veneration was just an extension of basic human relationship from this world to the supernatural" (Cunningham, 1992).

This veneration was practiced by praying to the Ante (Chamorro Ancestral Spirit) and by preserving ancestral skulls. In times of famine and warfare, the Chamorros would pray to their ancestral skull for help. Going back to the Catholic religion; plain and straight to the point: It was forced on the Chamorro people. I will discuss this in the near future..


Dan rocking his Hima Sinahi.