Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chamorro Hao...Na Metgot Hao...Fino Figo

Chamorro painting done by Noel B. Quitugua

Spondylus donated by Joe Guzman.

Under-belly of the same spondylus.

Sinahi after being bound and beaded with orange spondylus shells.

Same Kalang at a different angle.

Full frontal of the Sinahi/Kalang...notice the galaide at the lower left hand corner.

Saina Ma'ase ginen as FIGO

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sinahi Artifact

This artifact sinahi image was obtained on-line.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alleged Sinahi Artifact

The following sinahi is alleged to be an artifact. I make no claim of its authenticity. However, I obtained this sinahi through trading two of my contemporary sinahi carvings for this supposed artifact. This sinahi used to belong to Mannex Pangelinan of Guahan. According to him, he had found it several months ago at NCS, Guahan.

Thread hole on one end of the sinahi.

Top view of the sinahi.

Side view of the same sinahi.

Bottom view of the same sinahi.

Full Frontal view of the said sinahi.

The sinahi laid on its side.

Frontal view of the sinahi before I took off its thread.

Top view with tread on.

Side view with its thread in place.

I welcome any and all contructive criticism. All comments are welcome as well.

Saina Ma'asi


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Additional 2009 Flame Tree Photos

L-R: Steve Mamis, Myself, and Noel Quitugua at the 2009 Flame Tree Arts Festival.

Some of the art work up for sale at the festival grounds.

Hooks carved from the trochus shell sent to Japan for the above consumers.

John Castro and I at the festival grounds.

Consumers from Japan wearing the trochus hooks that I carved.

My wife and I at the 2009 Flame Tree Arts Festival.

Myself and Honda

Davy-G rocking his hima Sinahi beaded with 100% turtle shell.

Trochus shell hooks carved from the island of Sa'ipan.

Chamorro Maga-Lahi drawn by my brother Shawn.

Artist same as above.

Artist same as above.

L-R: James Fleming, Myself, Nick and Pete Sablan. All is well representing the Chamorro Culture with our hima Sinahi. Saina Ma'asi Chelu's.

Si Chelu Alvin Adriano rocking his hima sinahi.

Nick, myself, and James.

Mako Katayama rocking his hima sinahi.

Pete Sablan wearing the Maga-Lahi size sinahi.

Chamorro representation by my brother Shawn.

Saina Ma'asi to all...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spondylus Acho Latte

Acho' Latte carved as an earring from the trochus shell. Also known as Top Shell.

This is a drop carved from the trochus shell.

Acho' Latte carved from the Spondylus shell.

Hima Sinahi carved from the tridacna shell. This shape is similar to that of the Chamorro Galaide.

Haguet (hook) carved from the trochus shell.

Saina Ma'asi para todu hamyu.

Si Figo...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chief Hurao's Speech Collected On-Line

Chief Hurao

Hurao’s speech

The Spaniards would have done better to remain in their own country. We have no need of their help to live happily. Satisfied with what our islands furnish us, we desire nothing. The knowledge which they have given us has only increased our needs and stimulated our desires. They find it evil that we do not dress. If that were necessary, nature would have provided us with clothes. They treat us as gross people and regard us as barbarians. But do we have to believe them? Under the excuse of instructing us, they are corrupting us. They take away from us the primitive simplicity in which we live.

They dare to take away our liberty, which should be dearer to us than life itself. They try to persuade us that we will be happier, and some of us had been blinded into believing their words. But can we have such sentiments if we reflect that we have been covered with misery and illness ever since those foreigners have come to disturb our peace?

Before they arrived on the island, we did not know insects. Did we know rats, flies, mosquitoes, and all the other little animals which constantly torment us? These are the beautiful presents they have made us. And what have their floating machines brought us? Formerly, we do not have rheumatism and inflammations. If we had sickness, we had remedies for them. But they have brought us their diseases and do not teach us the remedies. Is it necessary that our desires make us want iron and other trifles which only render us unhappy?

The Spaniards reproach us because of our poverty, ignorance and lack of industry. But if we are poor, as they tell us, then what do they search for? If they didn’t have need of us, they would not expose themselves to so many perils and make such efforts to establish themselves in our midst. For what purpose do they teach us except to make us adopt their customs, to subject us to their laws, and to remove the precious liberty left to us by our ancestors? In a word, they try to make us unhappy in the hope of an ephemeral happiness which can be enjoyed only after death.

They treat our history as fable and fiction. Haven’t we the same right concerning that which they teach us as incontestable truths? They exploit our simplicity and good faith. All their skill is directed towards tricking us; all their knowledge tends only to make us unhappy. If we are ignorant and blind, as they would have us believe, it is because we have learned their evil plans too late and have allowed them to settle here.

Let us not lose courage in the presence of our misfortunes. They are only a handful. We can easily defeat them. Even though we don’t have their deadly weapons which spread destruction all over, we can overcome them by our large numbers. We are stronger than we think! We can quickly free ourselves from these foreigners! We must regain our former freedom!