Thursday, April 29, 2010

29th Flame Tree Arts Festival, Sa'ipan

Blas (Viloria) and I at the Flame Tree Grounds.

Same Picture

Some of my display pieces at the grounds.

My son and wife at our booth.

My wife and daughter Ha'ani.

My wife and my eldest daughter Shania.

Ed preparing Francis Mendiola for the traditional tap tattooing.

George Fransico's art work; he is an artist from Guahan.

Same talented artist as above.

Salas artist from Guahan.

This display pieces belong to the Viloria brothers.

Guahan artist's work, the artist is an apprentice of master carver Greg pangelinan.

Greg Pangelinan displaying his blacksmith skills.

Greg Pangelinan's art work.

Artist same as above.

Artist same as above.

Greg's carabao horn carvings.

Greg's hima carvings.

Greg's spondylus and sinahi carvings.

Gregs hima turtle.

My daughter Ha'ani.

My son Gordon Jr. and Ha'ani.

Some of my art work in its display case.

My collections.

This art work was done by John Castro's brother-in-law.

Same artist as above.

John Castro's art work.

Same artist as above.

My son Gordon Jr. standing beside some of the carving I had for sale at the Flame Tree grounds.

My family enjoying their day at the 29th Flame Tree Arts Festival.

View from within the booth.

My family at the grounds.

Booth setup.

Ha'ani with her abubu.

One of the sinahi I had for sale.

Collection dispaly case.

My brother at our booth.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Other pictures...

The boys at the Flame Tree festival sporting an assortment of replicated ancient Chamorro alas.

The baliku or Tunas and the achita.

This canoe sailed the open ocean from Satawal and Palau to the Flame Tree grounds.

Jose Mafnas and his hima sinahi.

James Fleming rocking the hima sinahi.


My two beautiful daughters Shania and Ha'ani Salas

Francis Mendiola rocking a black sinahi beaded with shark cartilage.

Display case with some carvings.

Sinahi artifact.

Lusong Agingan.

Haguet carved from the trochus shell.

My son sporting a purple spondylus necklace at Agingan.

James Fleming rocking his Haguet carved from the tridacna gigas shell; beaded with letter cone shells.

Hooks (Trochus).

Hima sinahi: spondylus inlay, spondylus beads carved by Greg Pangelinan from Guahan.

Canoe inside the Guahan Airport.

Another canoe inside the airport.

Sinahi and spondylus.

Black stone sinahi.

Hima hook and sinahi.

Black sinahi flanked by two trochus haguet.

My daughters at the CNMI Counsil for the Arts and Culture.

Hima Sinahi.

Stalactite sinahi.

My son Gordon Jr. with the Giant Clam supplies.

Spondylus beads.

Hima Sinahi/Spondylus and cone shell beads.

Hima haguet with complete letter cone beads.

Pres Santos' husband rocking his giant clam shell sinahi.

This one almost got away.

Yasuda rocking his hook carved from marble.

Sliced giant clam shell.

Manny Ada rocking his hima sinahi.

Hima hook.

Full spondylus shell necklace.

Yasuda and his wife Wendy sporting their hooks carved from the giant clam shell.

Wendy and my daughter Ha'ani.

Hima hook with some designes carved onto it.

Bill Fleming rocking his hook carved from the giant clam shell. Semper Fi.

On home to the Latte House and then to the Guma Ulitao to learn Fino Gualafun.