Sunday, November 7, 2010


Pagat taking out the cooked fish and sweet potato from the Chahan

Ben lifting the Chahan pig

The Chahan right before food is placed in it.

Chahan with food.

The contents of the Chahan includes: fishes, potatoes, bananas, taros, and a pig.

The Chahan with the final covering using banana leaves.

Gordon Jr.

4-6 hours later, the Chahan is opened.


Ben Sinahi-The Ancient Chamorro Way.

Ben demonstrating the art of grating a coconut with a Hima point.


The Legend

L-R: Ben Sinahi, Steve Mamis, and Baby Gord. of Primo

Primo and I taking a break.

The Chahan being opened.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

...Guahan Island Fair

PRIMO...a wood carver specializing in story boards. I will post a completed work from him in the near future.

A student conducts her interview for a school project.

James Aldan and I at Ypao

Steve Mamis preparing the Chahan.

...more pictures from the Guahan Island Fair

Ayuyu on display

Spondylus with the Kalangs

Artifact Sinahi/Kalang-artifact Kulu and Human Bone Spear Tips right below the sinahi.


Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 Guahan Micronesia Island Fair

Gordon Jr. @ one of the traditional Chamorro hut. The art work before him was the creation of Ben Sinahi of Guahan.

Ancient Chamorro Artifacts-Sinahi/Kalang-Spondylus Money and Beads and more. This artifact display belongs to a Guahan Artist.

 A combination of contemporary Kalang with Artifacts on the right hand corner.

A display case filled with Ancient Chamorro Artifacts.

Songsong Chamorro at Ypao.

Sinahi and FIGO

FIGO and Blas/Viloria