Friday, April 27, 2012

Stay tuned

Magofli-i yan Hafa Adai para todu hamyu.

Stay tuned for updates.

Saina Ma'ase,

Gordon "FIGO" Salas


The above Kalang/Sinahi is now owned by Lynyrd Lizama Puyat of Seattle, WA. It's dimension are 5-3/4" in length and 1-1/2" thick at the middle so it's a massive piece and the owner wears it proudly. In addition to the Hima Kalang pendant, it is fully laced with spondylus beads. As usual, my spondylus inlay signature is placed prominently on the Kalang. Saina Ma'ase for repesenting Chelu. 

Gordon "FIGO" Salas