Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saina Ma'ase

To everyone that visited my booth at the Flame Tree Arts Festival, Thank You!

Saina Ma'ase,



  1. Hello,

    Our firm serves a big international organization in auditing tests taken in English for students who are interested in studying at American universities.

    The tests are taken at English schools, institutes and universities all over the world by TOEFL.
    A special letter of authorization will be issued on the name of the representative=auditor.
    We provide a form to fill in with questions of yes/no.
    The tests are done usually on Saturdays simultaneously in several locations.

    A test takes about 2-5 hours, the student gets access to a computer and Internet at the school.

    The task is to attend the tests and check that all is done according the procedures to avoid possible fraud.

    The reports are confidential not to be shared with the school representatives.
    We provide a complete guide and instructions what and how to check.
    In many cases our auditors discovered fraud, for example, a mother who replaced her daughter the real student, another was getting help from teachers against the rules, they have also exposed forged identity and more.
    The schools have always cooperated with our auditors.
    The integrity of the auditor and it's moral values are the foundation of our perfect service and relationship with the organization.
    English is essential because reports are made in English.

    We pay 25 USD per hour + travel costs inside Northern Mariana Islands.
    Job is not complicated but we want trustworthy people to do it.
    If you are interested please send me your CV, and I will send you the dates and location.

    Jacob Lapid
    Lapidim USA LLC