Monday, April 5, 2010

The Chamorro way...

Gordon Jr. pointing at a latte cap that was being carved by the Ancient Chamorro's. This latte cap or tasa was not finished. However, it was at the last stage of carving. My ancestors probably did not finished the carving of the tasa in order to fight the oppressor(s). By this, I mean the Spaniards who came to our land and enslaved my people; forced their religion on my people, and killed my people.

The tasa close up. I named it, "Tasan Agingan".

Gordon Jr. with his sade', higam alutong, and sinahi.

Heading over to Tasan Agingan.

Talaya fishing at Agingan.

Scanning for the school of fishes.

The deliverance of the talaya.

The collection of the talaya

The conclusion of the talaya fishing.

The beginning of the cutting process of the hima shell.

Same hima shell.


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