Saturday, November 6, 2010

...more pictures from the Guahan Island Fair

Ayuyu on display

Spondylus with the Kalangs

Artifact Sinahi/Kalang-artifact Kulu and Human Bone Spear Tips right below the sinahi.



  1. Man that kulu is so cool! I bet it is really rare to find one of these. I don't see human bone spear points in many collections. I'm sure these are rare to find too.

    Cool pics man....thanks for posting these up!

  2. Yes, this are rare collections. One that the museum does not possess. The human bone spear tips are really rare. We have a complete spear tip here in the CNMI Museum. It has all the carvings as well as the spondylus inlay...afok (lime) was used as an adhesive.

    Saina Ma'ase Chelu

  3. Does the CNMI Museum have a nice artifact collection? The guam museum has a good one but the only problem is that they currently have no permanent facility. Would you by chance have any pics of the CNMI Museum artifact collection?

  4. I wish I had some, but camera's are not allowed in the museum. Anyway, the Ancient Chamorro Artifact collections are pretty decent.