Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 Guahan Micronesia Island Fair

Gordon Jr. @ one of the traditional Chamorro hut. The art work before him was the creation of Ben Sinahi of Guahan.

Ancient Chamorro Artifacts-Sinahi/Kalang-Spondylus Money and Beads and more. This artifact display belongs to a Guahan Artist.

 A combination of contemporary Kalang with Artifacts on the right hand corner.

A display case filled with Ancient Chamorro Artifacts.

Songsong Chamorro at Ypao.

Sinahi and FIGO

FIGO and Blas/Viloria


  1. Are all of the sinahi/kalang in the 2nd pic down artifacts?

  2. I happened to relook at these pics again and noticed teeth in the middle of the 4th pic down. Are these human teeth? Ancient chamorro or maybe Japanese from the war??? I have come across some human remains while hiking before.