Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alleged Sinahi Artifact

The following sinahi is alleged to be an artifact. I make no claim of its authenticity. However, I obtained this sinahi through trading two of my contemporary sinahi carvings for this supposed artifact. This sinahi used to belong to Mannex Pangelinan of Guahan. According to him, he had found it several months ago at NCS, Guahan.

Thread hole on one end of the sinahi.

Top view of the sinahi.

Side view of the same sinahi.

Bottom view of the same sinahi.

Full Frontal view of the said sinahi.

The sinahi laid on its side.

Frontal view of the sinahi before I took off its thread.

Top view with tread on.

Side view with its thread in place.

I welcome any and all contructive criticism. All comments are welcome as well.

Saina Ma'asi



  1. Thanks for sharing these pics. Hopefully its a true artifact.