Sunday, May 16, 2010

Additional 2009 Flame Tree Photos

L-R: Steve Mamis, Myself, and Noel Quitugua at the 2009 Flame Tree Arts Festival.

Some of the art work up for sale at the festival grounds.

Hooks carved from the trochus shell sent to Japan for the above consumers.

John Castro and I at the festival grounds.

Consumers from Japan wearing the trochus hooks that I carved.

My wife and I at the 2009 Flame Tree Arts Festival.

Myself and Honda

Davy-G rocking his hima Sinahi beaded with 100% turtle shell.

Trochus shell hooks carved from the island of Sa'ipan.

Chamorro Maga-Lahi drawn by my brother Shawn.

Artist same as above.

Artist same as above.

L-R: James Fleming, Myself, Nick and Pete Sablan. All is well representing the Chamorro Culture with our hima Sinahi. Saina Ma'asi Chelu's.

Si Chelu Alvin Adriano rocking his hima sinahi.

Nick, myself, and James.

Mako Katayama rocking his hima sinahi.

Pete Sablan wearing the Maga-Lahi size sinahi.

Chamorro representation by my brother Shawn.

Saina Ma'asi to all...

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