Sunday, June 6, 2010

Antigu Na Songsong Chamorro (Ancient Chamorro Village)

On my way down to visit my Ancestors Latte Village.

I am in one of the many caves that the Ancient Chamorros utilized for shelter during bad weather.

My Son Gordon Jr. in the same cave.

A view from within the cave.

Heading down to the Latte Sites.

Gordon Jr. within the vicinity of the Chamorro Latte Sites.

A cave close to the Latte Village.

Gordon Jr. Salas

Ancient Chamorro Latte Village. One can observe the roles of Latte Stone where the Latte House once stood.

My son on the Latte Village Site.

Hima found right here on the island of Sa'ipan.

Same Hima; I've cut and prepared for Sinahi carving.

The same Sinahi from the hima above.

A new project of mine; over 7 1/2" Sinahi.

Multiple Sinahi's

Same Sinahi's

The Maga Lahi size Sinahi. Once finished, I will post it.



  1. Cool post... if you don't mind sharing, where is this trail? I'd love to check it out myself.

  2. Hafa Adai yan Saina Ma'asi Xavier. The trail you seek is by Banzai Cliff; it is on your left by the former EMO Bomb storage facility. If you are having trouble locating the place, e-mail me for further detail. It's a nice hike and I ask only of one thing; please respect our Ancestral sites which I trust you will.

  3. Thanks bro. I'll email if I have trouble. I will definitely be respecting the place.

  4. how much is the sinahi your selling for i'll buy one off you but i dont live in saipan any more
    live in the mainland im looking for the sinahi over in the mainland but they have them.