Monday, June 28, 2010


This is the Hima Kalang I had just finished carving. It's the biggest I've carved so far.

This is a Hima Kalang. This hima is from the Southern side of the island. Notice that it's no longer white but has turned caramel brown. The worm holes are clearly visible, atleast that's what I call them.

My daughter Ha'ani with the newly procured giant clams. These clams are pretty thick specimens. I will be carving more Sinahi/Kalangs from these giant clams.

Hima Shark Tooth with Slingstone center pendant

Latte Stone Cutout from the Conus Shell

Chamorro Flying Proa from the Guahan Islands Fair

Black Stone Sinahi


Sinahi/Kalang with Slingstone and Haguet

Assortment of Chamorro Alas

Hima Sinahi/Kalang

Tridacna Gigas Shell

More Tridacna Shells

Spondylus Haguet

Stone Haguet

Hima Haguet with Puka Shell beading

Hima Sinahi/Kalang in two different sizes

Other Hima Sinahi/Kalang Sizes



  1. Nice work! I'm confused by "kalang"?? Is it just another name for a sinahi? Or is it a totally different type of pendant all together?

  2. Hafa Adai,

    According to Chamorro Historian, Artist, Artisan, Noel B. Quitugua; its original name might have been or was Kalang. The modern term Sinahi is used to describe the pendant I use. However, Sinahi in Chamorro means New Moon; which essentially is no moon and no moon does not reflect the crescent shape moon. In this day and age, Sinahi refers to the crescent shape moon, thus, our sinahi pendants. Basically Sinahi and Kalang are one and the same.

    Saina Ma'ase

  3. Hafa Adai Saipan Blogger,

    I get my hima shells right here from the island of Sa'ipan. I am sure that in the near future, I will be procuring from other places besides the Chamorro Archipelago.

    Saina Ma'ase Angelo Villagomez

  4. I'm interested in buying one (not right now, but in a few months). Do you only sell them on Saipan? Could you do one by mail?

  5. And by the way, I really think every Chamorro would be interested in reading this blog. I've shared it on Facebook and on my blog and I really enjoy it.

    Have you written a post about how you got started in this and where you learned your trade? That would be interesting.

    I would create a link to it on your left hand column so that readers could easily find it. Maybe some links to your favorite posts, too.

  6. Hafa Adai Angelo,

    Yes I do sell by mail but it all depends on the availability. Thank you for sharing and enjoying my site. In the near future, I will be writing a post about my humble beginning as a Traditional Chamorro Carver. Thank you for all the suggestion and input that you've contributed to my site.

    Saina Ma'ase

  7. Please, I really want to buy. Can you direct me where I would find the information on ordering. I purchased a Sinahi necklace through ebay and I'm dissatisfied only because I want a bigger size. Please let me know how I can see what you have for sale and how I would purchase from you. Thank you so much.

  8. Magofli'e' Lydia,

    The best way to get a hold of me is through email at:

    Saina Ma'ase for your interest.