Saturday, March 13, 2010

28th Flame Tree Arts Festival

Customers with pieces that I carved. To the left, a male customer with a great white shark tail carved from the tridacna gigas shell; to the right, a female customer with a traditional hima sinahi and orange spondylus shell as pendant.
My wife, my sisters-in-law, and my nephew manning the booth and assisting patrons.

One of the delegates from Guahan was Ben Sinahi; he is known as one of the finest hima carver in Guahan.

Here we have other delegates from Guahan. From left is Frank Perez's wife, myself, Frank Perez, and Greg Pangelinan. These two Chamorro Crafter Artsts from Guahan are master carver, blacksmith, etc.

Here are my family manning and tending the booth at the 28th Flame Tree Arts Festival. Right in front of the table are Maga'Lahi posters from Sa'ipan being displayed. The researcher and artist that created these infomative posters are from Guahan.

My family enjoying the day at the Flame Tree Arts Festival.
My wife and daughter having a good time at our booth.

A picture of myself (center) together with Chamorro artists Dave and Phil of Guahan.


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