Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Sinahi Carvings

Sinahi carved from the tridaca gigas shell. It is about four and one fourth of an inch in length and about two inches thick in the middle. This particular tridacna gigas from which this sinahi was carved, was found right here in Sa'ipan.
Sinahi carved from the hima shell. It is three and a half inches in length and about an inch thick in the middle. The spondylus signature is visible on this piece.

Sinahi carved from the hima shell. It's about four and one fourth inches in length and one and one fourth inches thick at the middle. I took a top view photo of the sinahi to show my signature prominently, which are made using the orange spondylus shell.

This is a front view of the sinahi above.

This sinahi was carved from the giant clam shell. It is about seven inches in length and a little over an inch thick at the middle. Again, my signature is clearly visible from this angle.

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