Sunday, March 28, 2010

Artifact Sinahi (Original Piece from the Ancient Chamorro Period)

Front view of two hima sinahi I just finished carving.

Top view of the sinahi with spondylus inlay signature.

This sinahi belongs to my son Gordon Jr. It has orange spondylus beads.

Same sinahi as above.

My son re-enacting a Chamorro warrior gazing through the horizon for any signs of colonizer(s).

This is the look of a proud CHAMORRO.

An imposing look directed towards the colonizer(s).

The above sinahi is an artifact. It is approximately 5" long and quite thick at the center. This artifact sinahi belongs to Noel B. Quitugua. I had borrowed it to make a stencil so that I can replicate it for my own sinahi necklace. If and when I am done carving the piece, I will be posing it in the near future for everyone to see.

Notice the drilled hole to the left and right of the sinahi. Both sides have either chipped off or cracked.

This is a top view, however, the sinahi is laid on its side.

Bottom view laid on its side.

A view from a different angle. The Ancient Chamorro's are real master carvers based on the artifact I have examined.

Front view of the artifact sinahi.

Another hima sinahi I just finished carving. This sinahi is approximately 3 1/4" in lenght and about 1/2" thick at the middle.

This one illustrates my spondylus inlay signature.



  1. "I really enjoyed the 'spondylus' with the holes as they are 'drilled' on the ends, and furthermore, how the artifact is so very beautifully eroded on it's surface. When I live in Guam, in the seventies, I discovered on at the bottom of a 'bomb crater' along with an abundance of 'throwing stones' and (adzes) that were football shaped. My favorite one was discovered while I was snorkeling off shore." 'I specialize in Arctic Ivories, but live in Bali, as well as a sculptor"

  2. Saina Ma'ase.

    Thank you for your contribution. I'd like to see some of your Ivory work.

  3. Hafa Adai, Wow. Awesome gift. and great photo angles. Would you be able to share how you connected with this? Thats a great blessing.

    Stoked to see it. Thanks